• DOCTOR VISOR - "The Funeral Portrait" CD

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DOCTOR VISOR - "The Funeral Portrait" CD

Label: Via Nocturna

EAN: 5906642083096

Format: CD (jewel case)

Country: Poland

Year: 2020

Genre: darksynth / synthwave / electronica


The only way to become what you were meant to be is to let the past die…


Edward Visor has always been a genuine outsider. A Miskatonic University alumn that discovered the unnamed horrors from the Other Side. Possessed by the power of his mask Doctor Visor becomes the master of the unknown. A stranger in this century and among those who are still men.


"The Funeral Portrait" opens a new chapter in his dark musical crusade. The Doctor’s first album consists of 8 tracks and contains over 34 minutes of eerie synthesizers and aggressive riffs in the vein of the '80s and '90s horror movies. But it's not your usual synthwave nostalgia. "The Funeral Portrait" has a fair load of roaring '20s and Victorian flamboyance as well. A strange but passionate combination. With an old-school sound & production, this record will take you back and far beyond.


"...Visor preys upon your primal fears.

His music is like the monsters which lurk within this record

- terryfying, bloodthirsty, and relentless... You'll love it!"

Albert N. Wilmarth, The Arkham Advertiser



01. The Lurking Fear

02. A Touch of Evil

03. The Funeral Portrait

04. Return to the Other Side

05. Master of the Unknown

06. I Live Again...

07. Enter the Doctor

08. Voices

09. ?*


*The CD edition (only) contains an additional hidden track (ca. 6 minutes).

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