• GOLDEN BLOOD -"Cum, Coke & Blasphemy" DIGI PACK

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GOLDEN BLOOD -"Cum, Coke & Blasphemy" DIGI PACK


format: 8 PANEL DIGI PACK 

year: 2020



Erech Leleth's one-man black metal horde GOLDEN BLOOD will invade your ears with filth and desecration. His latest 4 song EP is an ode to black metal and heavy metal classics. With the addition of thrash metal riffs and punk attitude "Cum, Coke & Blasphemy" is a punch right between the eyes! The EP is also heralding the release of a full-length CD coming later this year.

So, if you are into Midnight or Truchło Strzygi, you like the atmosphere of Watain or Dissection, GOLDEN BLOOD is for you!

Released as a 8 panel digi pack.

You can already check out the title track here:https://witchinghourproductions.bandcamp.com/album/cum-coke-blasphemy 


1.Cum, Coke & Blasphemy


3.We Will Ride 

4.Empress Of The Unholy Reich 



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