• MORTALITY - "For Whom the Bomb Tolls" CD

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Label: Via Nocturna
EAN: 5905279281547
Format: CD (jewel cMORTALITY - For Whom the Bomb Tolls CD
Label: Via Nocturna
EAN: 5905279281387
Format: CD (jewel case)
Country: Sweden
Year: 2017
Genre: thrash metal

01. For Whom the Bomb Tolls
02. Damnation
03. Son of a Gun
04. Madness of Devotion     
05. Dead by Dawn
06. Tyrant
07. Diciples of War
08. Mortality Will Strike Again  
09. Down by Law
10. The Endase)
Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Genre: progressive metal

1. EBE
2. Closer
3. In Love and Silence
4. Elohim Song
5. The Little People
6. The Vanishing of Enoch
7. Starchild
8. Luna 2

Total: 51:03   

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