• OFFENCE -"You`ll Never Rest In Peace" CD SLIPCASE

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Third Offence album - "You`ll Never Rest In Peace" 9 songs of totally devastating, Fucking DEATH METAL! - There will be no more recommendations!

Cover by Robert A. von Ritter Illustrations

Get ready for fucking DEATH METAL SONGS! 

With special guests:Roman Kostrzewski (KAT) Les (Damnation & Hell-Born) Don of The Dead (Nunslaughter) Mike Perun (Cianide) 


OFFENCE -"You`ll Never Rest In Peace" CD SLIPCASE 


OFFENCE -"You`ll Never Rest In Peace" CD/MC/DIGITAL 

1.The Devil Incarnate 

2. Monastery of Perversion 

3. R.I.P (or not...) 

4. Seraph of Lust 

5. Inferno 

6. Slaves To The (UN)holy Cross 

7. The Only Good Priest is a Dead One 

8. A Prayer 

9. This Is a Fucking Death Metal Song 

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